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Estate Manager Los Angeles

Estate Managers

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we place housekeepers, butlers, personal assistants, and nannies in Southern California, Las Vegas and the Bay Area every day. While these types of domestic workers can offer a great deal of help to a busy household of any size, homes that are particularly large in size who have perhaps hired an entire staff of employees may need someone who can supervise the operation. That’s where our fine selection of Los Angeles estate managers comes into play.

This is one of the most popular and important positions for which we provide staffing candidates. Estate management jobs draw the attention of many elite jobseekers.

Hiring an Estate Manager

Los Angeles estate managers are typically employed by the most affluent of our clientele. While housekeepers and personal assistants are hired to take care of small tasks, an estate manager essentially becomes the supervisor of all of the staff members and operations that need to be taken care of in household.

With so much responsibility, these workers are typically given the responsibility of hiring and firing other staffers at an estate. As the employer of an estate manager, all you need to do is tell them what you need done and they’ll either take care of the job themselves or find someone who can. Personal Los Angeles estate managers are also typically responsible for a share of a household’s asset management. This is another reason why hiring a trustworthy and referenced candidate with an adequate amount of administrative experience is crucial.

When we first speak with our clients, we are diligent in making sure that we know exactly what they are looking for in a Los Angeles private estate manager. Once we’ve documented this information, we peruse our long list of potential applicants and send out a selection of resumes by the end of the day. We give our clients the opportunity to then interview the candidates or request other resumes.

At Colonial Domestic, we’ve been filling domestic staffing positions since 1963, and we believe in our system. If a hired candidate doesn’t seem to be working out within the first six months, we’ll find an adequate replacement at no additional charge.

Estate Manager Positions

If you have three to five years of experience or more working in a large, private home as an estate manager and want to settle into a new household that truly utilizes your strengths, Colonial Agency can help you find the Los Angeles estate management position you’ve been working toward.

The candidates we place in estate management positions are true leaders at heart and have a motivating spirit. They are resourceful and known for being problem-solvers. Not only do estate managers need to be able to manage their own tasks, they also must thrive at working with others. Due to the required qualifications and responsibilities, these positions can be very lucrative if a candidate proves their worth in their hired position.

If you are looking for a serious household management job in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu or other high-end cities in Southern California and the Bay Area, send your resume to Colonial Domestic today.

If you are an estate owner in need of someone to run the operations and staff of your property, give us a call to find out for yourself what we have to offer.