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Nanny Agency Los Angeles


These days, stay-at-home parents aren’t nearly as common as they used to be on the West Coast. In some cases, those who are able to work from home are so busy throughout the day that they may as well be in an office. Colonial Domestic Agency is here to provide nurturing, highly qualified nannies to families in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and surrounding communities in Southern California.

Finding a trustworthy nanny can be an arduous process, but searching for a reliable full-time or private nanny can pose even more of a challenge. Many websites claim to provide qualified child care, but how can you be sure that your hired help is really worthy of your trust without the proper background information? Colonial Domestic puts the safety and well-being of your children above everything else, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing clients with the most trustworthy and capable nannies in Beverly Hills and surrounding cities.

Hiring a Nanny

Each household is built on a unique structure, hence the reason why finding someone that fits your system is extremely crucial. With that said, finding a nanny with your requirements and one that is liked by your child is even more essential. Our agency employs a variety of nannies from all over the Los Angeles area, each offering a unique set of skills and expertise. Colonial Domestic’s nannies provide clients with a full spectrum of skillsets, personalities, and certifications from which to choose.

Families all over California in need of a nanny have stopped looking at classified ads and have begun turning to Colonial Domestic Agency for our one-of-a-kind staffing services. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive screening process that separates us from our competition. Whenever an applicant looks to find employment with us, one of our counselors conducts a thorough interview with him or her and performs a detailed background check.


Nanny Positions

It’s very important to us that our clients find exactly the private (live-in or live-out) Los Angeles and Beverly Hills nanny that they are looking for, and because of that, we are extensively diligent in working with our clientele to arrange the perfect match.


We are always looking for qualified, skilled, and highly experienced nannies to register with our agency. We are proud to help place these qualified individuals in a Los Angeles or Beverly Hills nanny job where they will be happy and where their skills will be fully utilized. Being able to speak multiple languages, completion of child development courses, and experience with multiples are always sought-after attributes when seeking a nanny position in the Los Angeles area.


If you are looking to pursue further in your nanny career or looking to hire a superb nanny, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today.