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3 tips for getting your charges to eat healthy

Spring is a great time for a nanny to reassess how the children he or she cares for eat. From incorporating more fresh vegetables and fruit to eating or drinking less sugary snacks, healthy eating is a life-long effort, but by instilling it into a child's habits early on, you can help them make smarter choices on their own later. However, if you nanny for picky eaters, this task is easier said than done.

Here are a few tips on encouraging healthy eating and getting a child to enjoy it:

Introduce new foods slowly – If you're trying to add healthy foods into your charges diet, do so slowly and one at a time. This way they aren't overwhelmed by new flavors and can adjust to a healthy snack more easily.

Make healthy snacks more readily available – The ease of eating junk is what makes it so appealing. Cooking a hot dog, eating some chips or a candy bar is much faster and convenient than cutting up fresh vegetables or preparing a healthy snack. Keep apples, fresh berries and cut up carrots or peppers around with a healthy dipping sauce, such as hummus, to make snacking choices easier to make.

Take it one meal at a time – A great way to convert eating habits to healthier ones is to tackle one meal at a time. Start by preparing healthier breakfasts, and once your charge enjoys them, start making changes to lunch. This also helps keep them from becoming overwhelmed by the changes to diet.

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