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Personal Assistants

It used to be that only celebrities and the outstandingly affluent had personal assistants. While these two demographics most certainly utilize these valuable workers, there are more and more people from all walks of life jumping on the bandwagon – and for good reason.

On the other hand, there are a great number of job candidates out there who are great at multitasking, managing time, organizing and planning, but can’t seem to find a position to settle into. For these people, seeking employment as a personal assistant is a great way to find a steady job that allows you to display your diverse skill set, while developing an employee/employer relationship that is unlike any other. Based in Los Angeles, Colonial Domestic can help you to hire the best personal assistant for your needs.

Hiring a Personal Assistant

With a full-time job, it can be nearly impossible to fit in important, yet menial tasks that can be as simple as sending a birthday card to a cousin or as tedious as organizing a home office. Today, dual-income households are more common than ever before, and with two working people, simple logistical chores can add up even more quickly.

If you’re unsure whether it’s worth your while to take in a personal or executive assistant, we say just take a look at your calendar. How many meetings, conferences, banquets and other work-related obligations have you had in the last month that prevented you from going to a ballgame, attending a school event that your child was involved with or even just simply sitting down and have a relaxing meal with your family?

It can be impossible to “keep work at work,” as they say, when you have such an insurmountable number of responsibilities to tend to. If your job is taking you away from your family, friends or fun in general, you may find that hiring a personal assistant allows you to actually live the life you’ve worked so hard to attain.

But just as having a personal assistant is supposed to make your life easier, unfortunately the process of hiring that assistant can be incredibly cumbersome. That’s why at Colonial Domestic Agency, we do the work of screening piles of resumes from prospective candidates who are eager to be given the opportunity to help you organize your life. Your perception of the personal assistants may lie in your resistance to pay someone to do your grocery shopping and arrange family vacations, but think about how much easier life would be if you didn’t need to worry about each and every small task you needed to take care of. And as the age old saying goes “time is money.”

Our services are fit for families from both the upper and middle classes, businessmen and women, and public figures. Though our offices are in Los Angeles, we have placed highly qualified assistants throughout Southern California, Las Vegas, and other major cities across the US. It’s a no-brainer to at least make a call to Colonial Domestic and find out if we have a personal assistant solution that fits your specific needs.

Personal Assistant Positions

If people are looking to hire personal assistants to take care of tasks they don’t want to do, how would they ever find someone who actually does? For those are familiar with this specific line of work, the answer is extensive simply because there are so many benefits that one may not realize right away.

Some jobs require workers to repeat the same tasks over and over again, but as a personal assistant, every day brings a new challenge. And besides, the perks of working these types of jobs range from regular, paid meals to all-expenses-paid vacations.

At Colonial Domestic, we fill personal assistant jobs in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco and the surrounding areas every day. Working in this market gives our domestic staffers opportunities to work in fast-paced environments with great potential for financial growth.

If you’re looking to hire a personal assistant or become one, don’t wait another minute to contact us for more information.