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Colonial Agency

The most trusted and prominent domestic and corporate agency nationwide.

At Colonial Agency, Our nationwide domestic and corporate staffing service provides experienced, trustworthy staff for your home or office. Find the perfect fit for you today.

Find Trusted Domestic & Corporate Staffing Solutions

Find the perfect domestic or corporate staffing solution with Colonial Agency. Offering nationwide private staffing for your home or office, we are committed to providing reliable and professional services that meet your preferences. Get in touch today to find out more.

Colonial Agency, one of the most trusted in domestic and private corporate employment, has continued to strive to be the best provider of domestic and corporate help to its clients since 1963.

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We Help You Find Trusted Staff

Colonial Domestic Agency is a premier domestic agency known for customer service and integrity. We provide nationwide staffing for your home and private office.

Find Out What’s New In Colonial Domestic Agency.

HR services

Our HR Concierge Services from Colonial Domestic Agency are the perfect solution for your household and family office needs.

Do you want to be the first person to apply for the latest Jobs? Discover your dream career on our Mobile Job Page, where tantalizing job prospects await you!

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High End Domestic & Corporate Staffing

Domestic Staffing

Director of Properties, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Family Assistant, House Manager, Estate Manager, Housekeeper, Housemen, Butler, Chef, Nanny, Nurse, Couples, Companion, Security Guard, and MORE BY YOUR REQUEST.

Corporate Staffing

Director of Administration, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Chief of Staff, Administrative Assistant, Legal Assistant, Office Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Front Office Coordinator, and MORE BY YOUR REQUEST.

What makes us different?

Our unique skill in matching the perfect candidate with employer results in highly successful placements with years to come.
Employer Support

Employer Support

Colonial Domestic Agency provides employers with a concise, discreet, simple and quick hiring process.  We precisely match your needs with the perfect candidate.  We conduct a thorough and strict screening procedure to ensure that each person is credible, reliable and qualified.
  • Complete Criminal Background Check
  • Complete Reference and Resume Check
  • DMV and Credit Check per client request

Job Seeker Support

Colonial Domestic Agency provides a free and simple application process that highlights your skills and expertise.

Our in-depth interview provides you with feedback and a route for the best chance at finding your “perfect” career.

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I've used Colonial several times throughout the past 5-6 years. Though we haven't hired from them every time, they did find me the superstar I needed who was perfect fit. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.
Justin E.
Emeryville, CA
This agency is the best, and Narina is a rockstar!
I know that when she calls me, it's a great opportunity available.

Heather Watkins
Los Angeles, CA
Yes! Colonial will move you to higher places and move you forward on your road to success! I highly recommend them. They are fun, relaxed and real! Go with them if you want the perfect domestic staff in your life.
Kelly W.
Glendale, CA
Mimo B
Narina worked so hard to help me find a perfect job that fit my profile, and she made sure that my client pay me a fair rate.
Thank you very much guys, you are amazing.

Mimo B.
Santa Monica, CA