5 qualities of a fabulous personal assistant

In the simplest terms, personal assistants are your right hand support. They make phone calls, schedule appointments, complete chores and finish any tasks so that you don't have to. As a result, your life becomes increasingly calm and organized.

Look out for these qualities when you're looking to hire a fabulous personal assistant:

Personal assistantMake sure your personal assistant has the skills and personality to manage your busy world.

1. Cool under pressure
If you're hiring a personal assistant to handle the stress of your world, you'll want to ensure they can manage your busy schedule. Do they demonstrate the multitasking skills to stay calm in stressful situations? The most productive personal assistants can think quickly on their feet and deal with unpredictable issues with ease.

2. Strong communication skills
Clear and concise communication is key to making sure you and your personal assistant are always on the same page. The right personal assistant will intuitively know which questions to ask you to fully understand your expectations. Take note of the questions they ask during their interview as this will be an indicator of how they think critically in the moment. This also extends to digital communication. It's important that they remain professional over email and text message, and are able to respond quickly to your messages.

3. Reliable organization and time management
Your personal assistant should be better with organization and time management than you are. After all, their job is to help you manage your affairs. Tendencies to be late or forgetful won't bode well for aspiring personal assistants. Instead, make sure you can count on your personal assistant. It won't be a productive relationship if you're worried about his or her reliability.

4. Eye for detail
A good personal assistant catches what you accidentally miss and deals with any hiccups before you even have to worry about them. The more observant and attentive they are to detail, the more likely they'll be to excel in this way. These skills are also important if they'll be handling your finances or important personal information.

5. Your kind of person
You'll be spending a lot of time with your personal assistant. When you're not around, they'll be the point-of-contact for clients, friends, employees or anyone else who tries to contact you. Therefore, it helps if you have compatible personalities.

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