Administrative Assistant

Hiring an Administrative Assistant

If there is no administrative assistant in the office, even the most competent team can become overworked and unorganized. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we take this very seriously and are equipped with a wide range of administrative assistants for you to hire.

Hiring someone to manage day-to-day tasks such as answering the phone, scheduling meetings, and running reports will allow the rest of the team to focus on the major operations in your private office. Speak to a Colonial Domestic Agency consultant today to match you with your talent assistant.

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Hire your perfect Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant may also be called a secretarial assistant, business assistant, and/or receptionist. Hiring an administrative assistant is beneficial not only for yourself but also for the organization and efficiency of your business. Contact our hiring consultant today to see what type of assistant would benefit you the most.

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Full-time and part-time assistant

Colonial Domestic Agency is your source of premier virtual assistants that will elevate your business.

As a corporate staffing agency, we have a wide range of assistants available for a part-time and full-time hires. Speak to a consultant today to see which type of assistant best suits your private office needs.

Virtual administrative assistant

If you’re looking to build your entire team on the back of virtual employees! Hiring a virtual administrative assistant to take care of daily office work is the best choice.

A virtual administrative assistant handles your to-do list virtually and will organize your everyday tasks and get everything in place. Consult a consultant today to see if a virtual assistant is right for you.

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Administrative Assistant Positions

As an administrative assistant, you will manage a range of duties for senior managers, employees, and office visitors to ensure that all interactions between the company and other individuals are productive and effective.

If you are an experienced personal assistant with years of experience working for an individual, family, and private office, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find your next amazing career opportunity.

What does an administrative assistant do?

Administrative assistants are important in organizing, managing, and keeping an office running and can help an organization run efficiently. As an administrative assistant, you will be responsible for performing the following duties:
  • Receiving and managing phone calls and texts, as well as receiving visitors and guests.
  • Scheduling conferences, meetings, and interviews
  • Organizing and maintaining office calendars.
  • Help implement new programs, procedures, and systems in the office.
  • Collecting and circulating official emails and text messages.
  • Making emails, memos, faxes, bills, reports, invoices, and other correspondence.
  • Maintain complete stock of all office supplies and accuracy of inventory.
  • reating and editing documents ranging from letters to reports to instructional materials.
  • Keeping and maintaining effective electronic and paper-based filing systems for official documents and invoices.
  • Assisting and supporting team effort by performing organizational tasks.
  • Facilitating the team by handling administrative responsibilities such as sorting, tying, printing, scanning, etc.
  • Arranging corporate travel plans, such as booking tickets, renting cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations.