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For many individuals, caring for each member of the household and overseeing the details a property entails is a full-time career. We, at Colonial Domestic Agency, understand you already procure a successful occupation and missing a skilled and trustworthy personnel to tend to all the tedious tasks an estate and family require.


A Butler typically:. Understand concepts like being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available. These individuals answer residence phone, greet and receive guests at the door, and supervise the reception of visitors. Butlers assist with staff training and organize the duties and schedule of domestic staff. They may assist or be charged with keeping the household budgets and inventory supplies. In addition, they may schedule and oversee vendors and renovations. Butlers usually oversee family packing and travel preparations. They understand social etiquette and formal service and assists with planning and organizing parties and events in the home. Butlers manage and participate in proper table settings and entertainment preparations. They serve meals, drinks and perform wait services related thereto. Some butlers are knowledgeable about wines and spirits and supervise the wine cellar and liqueur inventory. Butlers may also serve as personal valet to the household and/or gentleman of the house. They are able to perform light housekeeping duties and direct other staff in needed household responsibilities.

Other functions and skills may include:


  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Care of clothing.
  • Care of fine china, silver, crystal.
  • Care and inventory of artwork and antiques.
  • Maintenance of automobiles.


Hiring a Butler

A home is one of the significant factors of life and memories. It is a place where various events occur each day and the venue of harmonious holidays and gatherings. In addition, it is the result of your hard work and a cherished estate to grow as individuals, couples and families.


As you know, it takes more than just paying a mortgage to fulfill all the duties of running a household. One needs to compose household budgets, coordinate parties and vacations, clean, plan and cook meals, oversee vendors and renovation, train staff, care for the children’s needs and all the extra duties that emerge every day. Sometimes, just thinking about all the tasks for the day can be exhausting, let alone actually completing them.


With that said, hiring a butler is a great solution for taking some of the duties off your shoulders and allowing you to concentrate on the other important commitments of life. Today, a butler’s job description encompasses a range of duties and expertise that one can only acquire from years of experience. Colonial Domestic Agency is the leading staffing Agency nationwide that obtains such individuals. Please contact us today for further information and let us help you find the perfect missing link of your household.

Butler Positions

If you are an experienced butler with a minimum of three consecutive years of expertise, Colonial Domestic Agency, can assist you with your search for a new position.


The candidates we place as butlers are trained professionals and understand the importance of confidentially and formal etiquette. They are comprised of a detailed background working for numerous elite clienteles.


Furthermore, many butlers possess additional skills; such as, cooking and housekeeping. With these skills they are able to complete more duties and be very versatile. Hence, learning such expertise is highly recommended.


If you are looking for your next butler position in Southern California or nationwide, be sure to send your resume to Colonial Domestic Agency today.