For many citizens, driving to any appointment, whether it is for leisure or business can be stressful, exhausting and time consuming. We know you possess many responsibilities and hence, driving should be the least of your concern with your already hectic lifestyle. Hiring a chauffeur allows you to replenish your energy and feel at ease as you arrive to your next destination safely and in a timely manner.

Hiring a chauffeur

Today, cars are not just vehicles that transport you from A to B, but rather trophies of all your accomplishments and success over the years. It is now, how smoothly you can transport yourself, family members, colleagues and friends to one destination to another, while awing the surrounding public with your dreamy, luxury, exotic vehicle. We, at Colonial Domestic Agency, understand your crucial concerns of acquiring a chauffeur to operate your prized possession. With this consideration in mind, we obtain the most meticulous chauffeurs with high-level expertise and experience in driving luxury & exotic cars on a daily basis. Furthermore, our chauffeurs possess an impeccable driving record and proper etiquette in presenting you and your honorable mention.

Besides driving your cherished treasure, chauffeurs oversee each vehicle is on schedule with its maintenance plan and consistently looking flawless.

If you are in charge of fulfilling a wide range of responsibilities every day and find yourself struggling to arrive at these functions calmly, collectively and at bliss, then hiring a chauffeur is your ultimate solution.

As you know, it takes more than just paying a mortgage to fulfill all the duties of running a household. One needs to compose household budgets, coordinate parties and vacations, clean, plan and cook meals, oversee vendors and renovation, train staff, care for the children’s needs and all the extra duties that emerge every day. Sometimes, just thinking about all the tasks for the day can be exhausting, let alone actually completing them.

Chauffeur Positions

If you are a highly skilled chauffeur with a minimum of three consecutive years operating various exotic vehicles for an individual and/or family, Colonial Domestic Agency, can assist you with your search of obtaining a new challenging career.

The candidates we place as chauffeurs are professionals who understand the significance of proper care of each vehicle. They are great listeners with the ability to follow directions and understand the significance of flexibility.

In addition, some chauffeurs procure self-defense techniques and weapon licenses, which allow them to act as security personnel for their employers. These skills are not required but greatly recommended.

If you are looking for a serious chauffeur job in the Southern California area or nationwide, be sure to send your resume to Colonial Domestic Agency today.

Here you find some primary of chauffeur duties:


  • Experience:
    Must acquire a minimum of three years experience working as a private chauffeur for a an individual and/or family.

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