Companions & Caregivers

A companion is an individual who assists the disabled or elderly with daily activities, perform various household tasks and run errands. Duties consist of helping clients with daily exercise and mobility, performing various personal care—such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating, and more. They assist clients with moving in and out of bed, cars, wheelchairs, and baths. Companions also take clients to doctor appointments and social gatherings.

Companions/caregivers may complete light housekeeping and cooking duties. They also check vital signs and dispense medication properly, answer and deliver messages and complete all duties pertaining to well-being of their client. They may travel as needed for a specific amount of time. These positions can be either live-in or live-out.

Hiring a Companion

Life is a unique journey full of surprises, eventually leading into a time where you see yourself or a relative, friend, family member struggling with minor and/or major aspects of everyday routines due to life factors.

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we understand your concerns with hiring a companion or caregiver. For that reason, we conduct an in-depth interview of all our applicants to ensure your companion is trustworthy, loving, caring and experienced.

If you feel that you need assistance with daily tasks or know of a loved one who does, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today for a list of companions/caregivers that will help fulfill your duties.

Companion Positions

If you obtain a minimum of three consecutive years of experience as a companion or caregiver and are looking for your next career move, Colonial Domestic Agency can help! Companions or caregivers need to be extremely versatile with their personality and be able to adapt to any environment and/or situation. Possessing additional skills, such as cooking and cleaning is not required but highly recommended. Please send a current resume to Colonial Domestic Agency today.

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