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Looking for a top-rated corporate staffing agency? Look no further than Colonial Domestic Agency. We provide nationwide staffing for your home and private office.

Trusted Corporate Staffing Agency

Colonial Domestic Agency is a staffing agency that provides businesses with the best corporate staffing. We offer affordable a wide range of staffing services, such as Director of Administration, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Chief of Staff, Administrative Assistant, Legal Assistant, Office Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Front Office Coordinator, and more by your request.

Hire The Best People, Faster in Colonial Agency

Colonial Domestic Agency, we take this very seriously and are equipped with a wide range of corporate employees for you to hire.

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Colonial Agency is the nation’s leading recruiting company.

Colonial Agency can offer a great solution if you’re looking to hire talented employees. We can take the stress of sourcing and screening applicants away by doing it for you.

As a corporate staffing agency, we provide options of experienced, robust staffing solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Also, we match high-quality candidates much faster than searching independently.


At Colonial Domestic Agency, we understand how essential it is to find the perfect employee for your home – one who is not only trustworthy and reliable, but also experienced in their field of work.

Our careful pre-screening process includes face-to-face interviews with all prospective candidates and rigorous background checks and reference verifications to ensure reliability. We take pride in finding you professional staff quickly without wasting a moment of your valuable time!


Colonial Domestic Agency, one of the most trusted in domestic and private corporate employment, has continued to strive to be the best provider of domestic and corporate help to its clients since 1963.

At Colonial Agency, we build exceptional teams that are highly specialized to source and place domestic and corporate support-level staff permanently.