Many estates require multiple domestic professionals in order for all duties to be fulfilled. If you are in such condition, hiring a couple may be beneficial to you and your property. Couples consist of a husband and wife team that live-in the property they care take. Usually, one is in charge of cooking and housekeeping, while the other is in charge of managing, running various errands, formal serving, assisting in cleaning and events, while ensuring all the requirements of the estate are completed efficiently. These are just example of general duties but can be adjusted and changed depending on the job requirements. We at Colonial Domestic Agency, can provide feedback depending on your inquiry to see if a couple is beneficial to your staffing needs.

Hiring a Couple

Hiring any domestic professional can be stressful and time consuming. For this reason, Colonial Domestic Agency obtains qualified, available and experienced individuals on hand. We understand your needs and can offer consultation to better match which domestic staff is right for you.

Couple Positions

Each couple consists of highly qualified individuals with knowledge of each personal responsibilities and strengths.

If you are looking to transition into your next career, please send a resume to us today. We are eager to find you a perfect position that both compliment you and your employer. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we strive for successful placements nationwide.

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