Estate Managers

At Colonial Domestic Agency, a full boutique domestic staffing agency, we specialize in placing top-notch estate managers that are experienced in running large estates and in charge of all estate operations—from hiring and training staff, supervising all estate functions and vendors, coordinating lavish and intimate events, overseeing budgets and spending, managing renovations, handling all time-sensitive matters and ensuring a smooth running estate.

Hiring an Estate Manager

Estates range in size, number of staff members and daily duties—hence why hiring the correct estate manager is crucial to ensure your estate is running efficiently. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work with you to find what type of estate manager works best for your unique household.

Estate Manager Positions

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work with each estate manager to understand the unique skill sets and strengths they acquire in order to match them with the best opportunity.

If you are an estate manger with a minimum of three years experience working in a private home as an estate manager and looking for a new household that truly utilizes your strengths, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find the position you’ve been working towards.

What does an Estate Manager Do?

Estate Managers are a vital component in running smooth estates. Here you can find some examples of estate manager responsibilities:

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