Your Experienced Estate Manager Ready for Hire

Hiring an Estate Manager

At Colonial Domestic Agency, a full boutique domestic staffing agency, we specialize in placing top-notch estate managers that are experienced in running large estates and in charge of all estate operations—from hiring and training staff, supervising all estate functions and vendors, coordinating lavish and intimate events, overseeing budgets and spending, managing renovations, handling all time-sensitive matters and ensuring a smooth running estate.

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Hire With Confidence

Estates range in size, the number of staff members, and daily duties—hence why hiring the correct estate manager is crucial to ensure your estate is running efficiently. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work with you to find what type of estate manager works best for your unique household.

Hire chief of staff

Full-time or Part-time estate manager

Whether you need a full-time estate manager to care for your primary residence or a part-time estate manager that can oversee your secondary or vacation property, Colonial Agency has a variety of options that are sure to fulfill your estate and lifestyle needs.

Director of Residences/Chief-of-staff

These candidates are skilled in managing multiple properties nationwide and globally. They ensure each estate is running efficiently and within budget, handle all projects and renovations, travel extensively to oversee and ensure all properties and staff members are performing at their clients expectations.

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Estate Manager Positions

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work with each estate manager to understand the unique skill sets and strengths they acquire in order to match them with the best opportunity.

If you are an estate manager with a minimum of three years of experience working in a private home as an estate manager and looking for a new household that truly utilizes your strengths, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find the position you’ve been working in towards.

Why Colonial Agency is your ultimate estate manager placement agency?

  • Our intricate screening process means we have the best managers ready to hire in our database.
  • We have a wide range of estate managers that can manage 5K to over 20K+ sq.ft . estates.
  • Each manager has a unique skill-set and personality to ensure your property is smoothly and efficiently run.
  • Your one-of-a-kind estate requires the best manager and that is our top priority.

Benefits of hiring an Estate Manager:

We understand how busy you are, busy is an understatement. You are running a successful empire, tending to your personal needs, caring for your family, juggling millions of tedious tasks and there is not enough time in the day to care for all the factors your estate needs. At the end of the day, your estate is a direct representation of you and it can not be ignored or not taken care of. This is where an estate manager is needed.

An estate manager will care for your estate and ensure each department is completing their task efficiently. All staff members are being properly trained and your estate (interior and exterior grounds) is kept in pristine condition. They will also take care of all payroll needs, diffuse problems, handle and complete special projects, coordinate events and tend to any tasks that you need done. An estate manager is there to manage your other company, your estate, and make sure you are represented perfectly.

What does an Estate Manager Do?

As an estate manager, your primary responsibility is to care for and maintain the property of your employer. This may involve everything from overseeing routine maintenance tasks, such as mowing the lawn or fixing a leaky pipe, to managing major renovations on a larger estate.

Additionally, you will be responsible for overseeing any contractors that are hired to work on the estate and ensuring that they complete their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

To be successful in this role, it is essential that you have both strong technical skills and strong managerial experience, as well as excellent communication skills, in order to serve as an effective liaison between opposing parties.

Whether you’re working with contractors or maintaining the landscape yourself, a passion for detail and a dedication to quality work are key traits for any successful estate manager.

Estate Managers are a vital component in running smooth estates. Here you can find some examples of estate manager responsibilities:

  • Staff management–including hiring, training, payroll and coordinating schedules
  • Oversee all vendors and maintenance personnel
  • Create house manuals
  • Coordinate events
  • Project management
  • Administrative duties
  • Light bookkeeping
  • Various administrative duties
  • Maintaining and organizing all estate documents