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Are you looking for the best executive assistants and support staff? At Colonial Domestic Agency, Our team provides the best staffing solutions to ensure you find the perfect fit for your executive assistant position. Visit our website today and get started!

Hiring an executive assistant

The right assistant makes life easier. That is what we are here for; to take the stress out of hiring and to make your life easier.

An executive assistant is your first point of contact that represents you and your business. We know just how important this hire is and with our unique matchmaking skill we can find you the right assistant that flows with your institution.

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Hire Fast With Confidence

Dedicated, reliable, secure and dependable are all values we, at Colonial Domestic Agency, stand by and represent. These are all traits that make a great assistant as well. We work diligently with you to find you your perfect executive assistant to ensure your executive needs are met.

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Full-time and part-time executive assistant

Each executive requires a different type of assistant to efficiently fulfill all business needs. Colonial Agency offers full-time and part-time executive assistants to be able to handle all of your needed tasks. Enquire with one of our consultants to which assistant is right for you.

Virtual assistant

We understand how busy and demanding a successful executive is; especially when you are constantly traveling and finding ways to be at two places at once. A virtual executive assistant works remotely and is able to handle all your needed tasks without micromanagement.

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Experience the prowess of our exceptional Top-Tier Executive Assistants

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work with each executive assistant candidates to understand the unique skill sets and strengths they acquire in order to match them with the best opportunity.

If you are an executive assistant with a minimum of three years of experience working in a private home as an executive assistant and looking for a new household that truly utilizes your strengths, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find the position you’ve been working towards.

What Makes Colonial Agency the Perfect Choice for Hiring?

At Colonial Domestic Agency, we specialize in identifying exceptional executive assistants and finding you the perfect candidate tailored to your unique needs.

  • We have a wide database of executive assistants ready to hire now.
  • Each executive assistant has a variety of traits that fits to what you need.
  • We do all the work for you, which results in a stress free and credible hire.
  • We have the years of expertise and skills to match you with your perfect executive assistant.

Do you need an executive assistant?

Are you not finishing that list or is that list just piling up with everything else every day? 

Do you see yourself taking so much time tending to all the small tasks instead of just focusing on your actual career? Like many, you need an executive assistant to complete all of your tedious work and help you focus on what you love doing best.

What does an Executive Assistant do?

An Executive Assistant helps an individual in their professional life so that they may concentrate on ensuring their companies are being properly managed and running smoothly.

The responsibilities for this position vary depending on the employer but typically cover tasks like creating documents and presentations, some bookkeeping, prep for meetings, screening telephone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, arranging travel. Sometimes assistants also support with minor personal duties and travel with principle as needed.

Executive Assistants usually work in corporate environments. Here you can find some examples of Executive Assistant responsibilities:

  • Screening and answering all calls and emails.
  • Preparing for meetings with proper documents and need.
  • Coordinating all travel arrangements.
  • Preparing presentations
    Shopping for principal.
  • Creating excel spreadsheets and minor bookkeeping.
  • Completing various administrative tasks.
  • Heavy calendar management –syncing personal and professional calendars.
  • Meet all deadlines and anticipate employer needs.