Executive Assistants

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What does a Executive Assistant do?

An Executive Assistant helps an individual in their professional life so that they may concentrate on ensuring their companies are being properly managed and running smoothly.

The responsibilities for this position vary depending on the employer but typically cover tasks like creating documents and presentations, some bookkeeping, prep for meetings, screening telephone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, arranging travel. Sometimes assistants also support with minor personal duties and travel with principle as needed.

Executive Assistants usually work in corporate environments. Here you can find some examples of Executive Assistant responsibilities:

  • Screening and answering all calls and emails
  • Preparing for meetings with proper documents and need
  • Coordinating all travel arrangements
  • Preparing presentations
  • Shopping for principal
  • Creating excel spreadsheets and minor bookkeeping
  • Completing various administrative tasks
  • Heavy calendar management –syncing personal and professional calendars
  • Meet all deadlines and anticipate employer needs

Education / Experience:

  • Education
    College degree and/or equivalent business experience.
  • Experience
    Minimum three years previous experience working as an Executive Assistant.

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