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For some California residents, cleaning and managing a household can be difficult. For others, however, the opportunity to make a career out of this work is ideal. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work diligently to bring these two parties together, and with our extensive screening, interviewing and background checking, we are confident in our ability to put both sides in the best possible situation.

Hiring a housekeeper

While having a housekeeper to take care of all of the menial chores that add up over the course of a day sounds great, many homeowners who are interested in searching for candidates may not realize how risky that can be and how much research it entails. By sifting through classified ads and online databases of profiles in pursuit of a housekeeper, you can never be entirely sure that you’re hiring the person you think you are. Of course, you can ask friends and family members about great housekeepers they’ve hired in the past, but what worked for others may not necessarily work for you. You need to be certain that the people you’re letting around your family and precious belongings can be trusted, and moreover, that they’ll tend to your home with the utmost care and close attention to detail.

Because of these concerns, at Colonial, we’ve developed a comprehensive screening process to ensure that we are providing our clients with trustworthy candidates who have multiple references and outstanding resumes. Once a new client has contacted us, we work with them to figure out exactly what they are looking for. This allows our team of staffing experts to come up with a selection of prospective domestic staffers that fit their specific needs. That same day, we send a list of resumes to the client, who can then either pick candidates to interview or ask for more housekeepers to choose from.

We’re so confident in the service we’ve been providing for nearly half a century, that if our clients aren’t completely satisfied with the worker they’ve hired within the first six months of employment, we will replace the candidate without charging any additional fees.

Housekeeper positions

Taking on a career as a housekeeper is one that many people from all walks of life pursue, but jumping into just any situation that arises isn’t always advisable. It’s important to work in a household that takes advantage of your strengths. By browsing for opportunities through a periodical or online, you’ll probably have an opportunity to get to know the people you’ll be working for before you take the job, but you may be getting yourself into a situation you aren’t prepared for.

When you come to Colonial Domestic to be placed in a position, we make sure that we recommend you to prospective employers who will give you a chance to have the job you’ve always wanted. By working with us, your services will be made available to homeowners who are serious about finding a domestic housekeeper. With that, you can rest assured that you won’t be taken in for an interim basis if that isn’t what you’re looking for. Additionally, the opportunity to make more money typically arises with employers who intend to retain their housekeepers, something that is far less likely by finding a job through a classified ad.

If you are an individual looking to find fulfilling housekeeping jobs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Palo Alto and the surrounding areas, reach out to Colonial Domestic so you can settle into a position you’ll thrive in.