For the majority of estates and homes, cleaning and managing a household can be a difficult task. For others, however, the opportunity to make a career out of this work is ideal. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work diligently to bring these two parties together. With our extensive screening, interviewing and background checks, we are confident in our ability to ensure both sides are in the best possible situation.

Hiring a housekeeper

Every household requires a different type of housekeeper. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we offer a wide range of housekeepers that differ in experience and skills to match what you need for your home.

Housekeeper positions

Housekeepers are a vital factor in many homes. If you are a housekeeper with more than three years experience working in a private home with credible references, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you further your career.

Here you find some primary of housekeeper duties:

Housekeeper Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience:
    Must acquire a minimum of 3 years working for a private household as a housekeeper.

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To hire a Housekeeper, or find Housekeeper, for your household, As a Housekeeper Staffing Agency, Colonial Domestic Agency can help, contact us today.