Each domestic staffing professional is essential in operating an estate smoothly. Just like the inside of your home, the exterior also needs proper care.

A houseman is in charge of cleaning the outside of your home—this includes outdoor furniture, windows, grill area, pool and spa area, driveways and garages. They assist the housekeepers with heavy cleanings inside the estate and acquire handyman skills for minor repairs throughout the property.

Housemen are in charge of cleaning all vehicles and ensuring each vehicle is properly fueled and stocked with homeowners’ necessary belongings. Some housemen are skilled gardeners and can even cook basic meals.

Hiring a Houseman

Our housemen candidates range from different levels of expertise. Each position is unique and acquires a significant skill set to result in a successful placement, a skill that is Colonial Domestic Agency’s specialty. Contact us today to help you find your perfect houseman.

Houseman Positions

Our Housemen positions require a minimum of three years experience in a private home in with a clean background and credible references in order to be accepted.

Here you can find some primary duties of a houseman:

Education / Experience:

  • Education:
    A secondary school diploma is preferred.
  • Experience:
    Minimum of three years’ experience working as a houseman in a private home.

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