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Butler needed for a high-profile couple in Beverly Hills, CA! (Starting Salary: $120K/annually + benefits) | Posted on: November 2, 2017

A professionally trained Butler is needed for a high-profile couple in Beverly Hills, CA! Butler MUST obtain 5+ years of experience working for a large and formal estate with excellent communication skills, knowledge in fine dining and proper table set-up, experience greeting guests and tending to employer needs. Butler will also need to travel with employer as needed and be able to coordinate and assist during events. Butler will also be in charge of Gentleman’s closet and be able to manage closets, press and lay-out clothes, properly care for all shoes and clothing. Butler will also need to assist estate manager with any task needed and handle all employers requests in a timely manner. This position is full-time and does require traveling. Starting salary is $120K/annually + benefits. All interested and qualified butler’s, please send your resume to colonialagency@gmail.com and/or contact us via phone at 310.276.7606