Estate manager needed for a HNW couple in Pasadena, CA! Salary $150K to $175K

The Estate Manager (EM) is our top-level executive for our Main Residence located at
Pasadena. The property have complex technology systems, existing staff, and priceless
assets. The EM will work with the homeowners, the homeowner’s and the family office
manager to ensure proactive management occurs. Flexibility and a go-with-the-flow
attitude are required. The EM must manage the on-call nature of this position to handle
the ongoing needs and emergencies. This responsibility may be shared with other
seasoned staff, but the EM must manage the overall burden.
They are an incredibly tight-knit, down-to-earth family looking for someone professional,

seasoned, drama-free, reliable, and committed to helping them navigate a highly-
scheduled life with friends and extended family and, on occasion, social connections.

Service expectations should be considered relaxed but professional, but they prefer no
chit-chat, gossiping, or personal references. In other words, when you’re in their house
(anywhere in their home), you’re “on”!

  • Staffing- The EM will meet with employees regularly on day-to-day operations
    and provide quarterly reviews to discuss performance and improvement. They
    will have the authority to recommend an outstanding employee for promotion or a
    lackluster one for termination. EM will collaborate with the Homeowners on any
    staff changes or transitions. The EM will work with payroll services to ensure
    timely input by staff. They ensure all staff obtains and retains CPR training and
    certification. They oversee training programs and a safe work environment. They
    perform routine audits of safety and health programs. They conduct regular
    meetings to communicate pertinent information to staff. They demonstrate
    positive leadership characteristics which inspire employees to meet or exceed
    the developed standards. They interview, hire, and train employees; plan, assign,
    and direct work; appraise performance; reward and discipline employees;
    address complaints and resolve problems.
  • Property Oversight – The EM will manage and approve every aspect of
    property maintenance and improvements. The EM is expected to act as an
    Owner Representative to outside contractors, vendors, and designers.
    Household inventories should also be updated regularly to reflect the current
    status to facilitate ordering and purchasing. They will troubleshoot and promptly
    respond to any problem or issue on the estate. They will clearly articulate the
    Homeowner’s vision using creative leadership and strong verbal and written
    communication skills to communicate with estate/property staff, management,
    and the homeowners. They will establish, maintain, and document preventative
    maintenance programs on all equipment and buildings.
  • Personal Assets – Regular inventories, maintenance, and repairs on such items
    as artwork, wine, jewelry, and clothing will be the responsibility of the EM.
  • Contract Management – The ability to read, analyze, and interpret contracts,
    consultant proposals, and other written documents is essential, as is the ability to
    write conceptual proposals and documents for the basis for projects. The homes
    require a supply and management of all household products. The EM is
    responsible for meeting with vendors and negotiating contracts to ensure a fair
    value for the Homeowner. They will work collaboratively with other owner reps
    related to design/construction, art, and technology departments to integrate and
    maintain the design direction and functionality of the property.
  • Budget – The EM will work with Homeowners, or family office on all purchases to
    gain approvals. Annual budgets must be prepared by the EM and approved by
    Homeowner and then family office. Some simple math skills are required for
    practical application. The EM will purchase supplies and equipment for property
    within the approved budget.
  • Digital document management – The EM will provide all information and
    communication for the property, staff, and Homeowner interests within the system (or other online management system). This includes
    management of training staff, password changes, regular property updates,
    calendars, and correspondence. The Homeowner/Family Office will be
    immediately notified of any passcode changes. It is not acceptable to store
    Homeowner or property documents on any other platform or computer desktop,
    and under no circumstances is it acceptable to transfer documents to personal
    technology devices—all paperwork is to be scanned and uploaded to the
    Homeowner’s system by Friday each week.
  • Project Management – The EM will take the lead on any large-scale projects on
    the estate. These could range from home renovations, landscaping projects, to
    installing new systems or amenities. They will be responsible for planning,
    budgeting, coordinating with contractors or service providers, overseeing the
    work, and ensuring it’s completed to the estate’s standards, on time, and within
  • Homeowner Liaison – The EM serves as the direct representative of the
    Homeowner’s interests. This responsibility might require international travel and
    meetings with representatives of the employer’s businesses. The EM should
    consider themselves a representative of the employer’s brand and represent it as
    such. Investigate complaints and respond personally as necessary to find
    creative solutions as needed.
  • Travel – the EM must be willing to travel domestically as well internationally.

Estate Managers require a wide array of skills typical of a high-level manager. They
need strong people skills to interact with people above and below them and keen
attention to detail. They must be flexible and can switch focus at a moment’s notice.
They must be comfortable with finances, scheduling, and other technical management
skills. Above all, they must be dedicated to their job and their employer. They will also
require a series of more specific skills, which include the following:

  • Management Skills – Manage multiple projects emphasizing clarity, detail, and
    organization from start to finish while meeting deadlines and staying focused on
    Estate/property needs and Homeowner’s goals. They must have strong

organizational and interpersonal skills; proactive and emotionally intelligent
leadership. No ego. No preconceived notion about how things ‘should’ run. An
innate ability to be flexible. Ability to write reports, business correspondence,
procedural manuals, and other planning documents. Ability to speak effectively
and present information to family members or members of the organization.
Ability to respond to questions from managers, colleagues, business associates,
and the general public. Demonstrates extreme professionalism, discretion, and
communication skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and work independently
and as part of a team. Willing to work nights, evenings, and weekends. Support,
maintain, and participate in other duties as determined necessary by the
Homeowner; ability to respond appropriately in any property emergency or safety
situation. Demonstrate honesty, responsibility, integrity, and fulfillment of all

  • Technical Skills – must have a general knowledge of computers, Microsoft
    Office software (Word, Excel), online project management, research, and
    calendars, including Smartphones, audiovisual equipment, Smart home, and
    security technology.
  • Local Resources – Connect to appropriate contractors and vendors for White
    Glove services and products, including shopping, restaurants, entertainment
    venues, and local travel logistics. Keep up-to-date and knowledgeable on
    industry trends.
  • Education – Bachelor’s degree in business or related field, 10+ years’
    experience at a luxury property or boutique hotel are required. Additional
    coursework in Human Resources is a plus. English proficiency is required. Being
    bilingual is a plus. Knowledgeable of all aspects of building operations, facilities
    management, and luxury items such as fine art and antiques.

Job Category: Estate Manager
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Pasadena

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