Top notch Chef for a couple, Scottsdale, AZ! $175K to $250K.

Private Chef Responsibilities – Core areas of focus include:

  • Maintain regular contact with the Principals to ensure culinary requests, daily menu coordination, special events, gatherings, and party preparation are completed.
  • Manage and mentor culinary staff, provide periodic performance evaluations and identify areas for professional development.
  • Ensure a wide variety of high-quality culinary options in alignment with the Principals’ requests, dietary preferences, and restrictions. Log special food requests for the principals, family members, and guests as appropriate.
  • Source quality ingredients with an emphasis on organic, local farms, farmer’s markets, etc., to procure/utilize the freshest ingredients available. Work with vendors for specific food preferences such as grass-fed beef, etc.
  • Provide continuous knowledge transfer, culinary trends, and updated techniques for the kitchen staff in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Proactively maintain open lines of communication to resolve issues effectively.
  • Set standards and protocols to ensure the working area and kitchen are highly sanitary, safe, and organized, and hygienic conditions are always maintained. Ensure all equipment is in proper working order and is maintained and serviced at regular intervals.
  • Ensure the quality of the dish before serving. Regularly estimate appropriate levels of food consumption and portions served.
  • Regularly rotate food items, maintain an inventory control system, and keep the Principals’ and family food favorites at all times on hand.
  • Assist with culinary planning, menu creation, and food preparation for special events, gatherings, and parties. Entertain/inform principals, family members, and guests about dish preparation, origin, history, etc., as applicable.
  • Education & Experience
  • A degree from an accredited culinary school is welcomed, with a deep interest in and knowledge of the culinary arts.
  • At least five years related classical cooking background, emphasizing organic and “farm to table” style. A good sense of taste and smell is essential.
  • Current ServSafe Food Handler Certification.
  • Previous household/private residence experience, hospitality, or resort setting strongly preferred.
  • Tenure in previous roles required.
  • Demonstrated creative ability and confidence in providing a variety of daily menu options—in-depth knowledge of ingredient selection and history of the specific dish history and origin.
  • Use a formal tracking system and checklist to maintain food items and a highly organized work area and kitchen. Maintaining a supply of regularly used and family favorite food items is always required.
  • Maintain and keep current on industry trends, themes, and concepts by attending seminars, hands-on instruction, and networking with leading chefs, restaurants, and food purveyors. Disseminate knowledge to the team to cultivate an environment of continuous learning.
  • Strong knowledge of food plating, table décor/setting, accessories, and professional presentation for formal service settings.
  • Experience handling multiple priorities skillfully, confidently, and professionally while delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Strong relationship and communication skills to effectively partner with principals, household staff, vendors, and other external contacts. Strong command of the English language, including excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Display a high level of self-motivation, accountability, use of sound judgment, and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.
  • Demonstrates a high level of confidentiality, honesty, and integrity in all situations.

Please email resume to colonialagency@colonial

Job Category: Chef
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: az Scottsdale
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