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These days, stay-at-home parents aren’t nearly as common as they used to be. In some cases, those who are able to work from home are so busy throughout the day that they may as well be in an office. Colonial Domestic Agency is here to provide nurturing and highly qualified nannies to families.

Colonial Domestic puts the safety and well being of your children above everything else, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing clients with the most trustworthy and capable nannies.
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We place nannies, babysitters, newborn care specialists and other childcare specialists. We screen through multiple platforms to make sure the nanny you are hiring is experienced in a specific age group, credible with a clean background and has stellar references from families just like you.

Colonial Domestic Agency puts the safety of your child first. With that said, let your mind be at ease because you are hiring the best qualified and credible nanny through the help of CDA.

Hire a Babysitters

Full-time or part-time nanny

Each household is built on a unique structure, hence why finding someone that fits your family is essential. Some households benefit from part-time help, while others always need four hands on deck. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we have a wide range of nannies that fit your needed schedule and household. We understand the chemistry between you and the nanny is crucial and let’s not forget the significance of how your child reacts towards the nanny. At Colonial Agency, we have a wide range of candidates to make sure you are hiring the right nanny, for you and for them.

Vacation & travel or weekend nanny

As a Nanny Staffing Agency, we do realize sometimes extra help is needed during vacation or travel and even on the weekends. We have a wide range of nannies that are available for temporary hire and/or for permanent weekend help. Our agency employs a variety of lifestyles and has nannies with a full spectrum of skill sets, personalities and certifications. Just inquire with us to see how we can ease your stress and employ the perfect nanny for your household.

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Nanny Positions

We are always looking for qualified, skilled, and highly experienced nannies to register with our agency. We are proud to help place qualified nannies in positions where you will be happy and where your skills will be fully utilized. Being able to speak multiple languages, completion of child development courses, and experience with multiples are always sought-after attributes when seeking a nanny position.

If you are a skilled nanny with a minimum of three years experience working for a private family and looking to make a change, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today and see how we can help you.

Benefits of hiring a nanny

Imagine you have to attend to your lifetime career, do the home chores, drop and pick your kids from school, among other duties. If that’s what you’ve been doing, you can be sure you’re not effective, and if you are, then you’re at your breaking point. But the fact is, you don’t have to struggle that much. There’s a perfect alternative to hiring a nanny from a reputable agency.

There’s always the contention on whether nannies are expensive or not. But if you’ve children, then you can compare the amount of money you pay to a daycare where you’re charged per child and the salary you’d pay a nanny. Again, even if your child is sick, you’ll have to pay the money while, on the other hand, the nanny continues with her other home chores, and she’ll even help you in nursing them. The amount you’d spend without a nanny is negligible compared to the much you spend without one.

Who told you that nannies never went to school? If that’s what you know, then you’d better wake from the stupor. Many of these nannies are trained and experienced caregivers, some with certificates in childcare, first Aid, nursing, and such. Thus when you hire them, you’re getting someone who will give ultimate care to your kids while attending to other duties to even a level you can’t manage. If you get a good one from a reputable agency, they’re a godsend- you’ll enjoy the experience. When hiring one, you have an opportunity to ask for their qualifications and references.

Who doesn’t experience the chaos at the door when kids are getting out in the morning- it’s no easy feat. School time in the morning can wear you out. When you’ve got a nanny, it’s a new pair of hands, and therefore you’ve no pressure of letting them out in the morning.

When you hire a nanny, they are ready to abide by the rules, and part of their training is to easily adapt to the new environment and help your babies learn your family culture, style, and routines. That means there’ll be no inconsistencies in what they learn from the nanny and what you teach them.

The work of the nanny is not just to babysit. They also help out with other family chores. Once they’ve attended to the kids, taken them to school, or when the baby is sleeping, they’ve got a schedule on other duties that they’ll help out with. Thus you’ll have very little to work on, and you can attend your meetings with friends and business associates. You also have time to concentrate on your career, and that will improve your performance tremendously.

A nanny will not just come and, after some time, leave. Most of them wish to stay for even years as long as you agree on good terms. Thus they can help you bring up your kids until they get mature. Therefore there are many benefits of hiring a nanny. The primary one is consistency in the upbringing of your kids compared to the baby cares where they keep changing caregivers.
Having a nanny from a good agency is a great relief. You don’t have to break your back doing those home chores that someone else can help out in. Nannies are well-trained in-home keeping and childcare, and therefore when you get one, you have an excellent solution.