Personal Assistants

Hiring a Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is more than just someone that assists you—they represent you. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we take this very seriously and are equipped with a wide range of personal assistants for you to hire. Each assistant has a unique skill-set and experience to better match your needs. Speak to a Colonial Domestic Agency consultant today to match you with your impeccable assistant.

Personal Assistant Positions

Each assistant is unique just like the position they are in. If you are an experienced personal assistant with more than three years experience working for an individual and/or family; Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find your next amazing career opportunity.

Personal assistant’s are a vital component in many people’s lives. Here you can find some examples of Personal Assistant responsibilities:

Education / Experience:

  • Education:
    College degree and/or equivalent business experience.
  • Experience:
    Minimum three years previous experience working as a Personal Assistant.

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To hire a Personal Assistant, or find Personal Assistant, for your household, As a Personal Assistant Staffing Agency, Colonial Domestic can help.