Popular trends in luxury real estate: Smart tech and open floor plans

Experienced estate managers should stay abreast of popular trends regarding luxury real estate. Owners of these properties will be expecting any new employee to be knowledgeable about new and popular  home trends and able to advise them about their utility and how to obtain them. With that said, Coldwell Banker has recently released the results of a survey of wealthy homeowners that details which items and amenities they desire most in their homes. Respondents had a minimum household income of $250,000 and homes worth at least $1.6 million. More than one-third of them owned at least two properties.

The most popular home features include: 

  • Fully automated, smart home system, that integrates music systems, computerized lighting and home security
  • Gym
  • Home theater
  • Open floor plan 
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Pool.

Interestingly, the survey showed that traditional aspects of luxury estate are becoming less popular and are seen as "less important." The majority of the survey's respondents said that they were not interested in amenities like wine cellars, guest houses a separate catering kitchen, tennis courts and staff quarters. According to Coldwell Banker's researchers, this suggests that home owners either don't have as much of a need for a full staff, or prefer that their employees live off the property. 

With advanced home features like smart systems, it is likely that these homeowners employ someone like an estate manager to run these systems. If you are looking for estate manager jobs in Los Angeles, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our agents can help you find challenging work opportunities with top employers.