Valet acts as a personal attendant to his employer. A valet is responsible for working closely with the principals on a day to day basis to provide wardrobe and personal services, to manage wardrobes for laundry, dry cleaning, care & mending, storage including shipping and receiving of garments and personal effects.

Valet Primary Responsibilities:

  • To provide the principal with the utmost of service for daily needs of their personal effects and wardrobe management.
  • To manage wardrobes for laundry, dry cleaning, mending, steam & press, seasonal catalog & changes for closets, inventory of wardrobes and accessories.
  • To organize and manage all packing & unpacking for travel.
  • Working in conjunction with existing staff to assist principals with travel, hotels, car services, and advance arrivals to residences.
  • Managing deliveries for both incoming and outgoing parcels.
  • Greeting of guests and visitors to ensure their visit will be comfortable.
  • Coordinate personal shopping itineraries, errands and gift purchases.
  • Travel required to other properties.

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